Blog Post #11 Education in Politics

090110coletoonA few quotes that I had liked from this week’s reading was:

“People begin life as motivated learners, not as passive beings.
Children naturally join the world around them, They learn by interacting,
by experimenting, and by using play to internalized the meaning of
words and experience (Shor, p. 17).”

  •  I believe this quote is importnat becauase it is true. We all start
    life off as a motivatived learner because when we are born we are all
    learning how to survuve in this world we were just thrust into a life
    that we do not know. When we had all started attending school whether it was; Sunday school, preschool or kindergarten, we had all started off as motivated learns and progressed to where we are now.

“While principals, teachers, and textbooks may lecture students on freedom, non-participatory classrooms prepare them for the authoritarian work world and political system they will join. In post-secondary education, non-participatory classes confirm the undemocratic experiences of adults in schools and society (Shor, p. 19).”

  • I feel like this quote is important because it shows us that no matter what we prepare our students for the “real world” there is really big chance that what we prepare them for  will not help them figure out what to do in life. We can give students vast amounts of tools to figure out how to make their lives easier in the future but it may not work out for them.

Here is a Ted Talk that I had found interesting.


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