Blog Post #10 Sabrina’s Story

Growing up anything related to special education was a taboo subject until my aunt had decided to be a paraprofessional in a local elementary school to do in her free time. Once the family was told of this the subject became less taboo and the family had became more interested in the types of students my aunt worked with. She had told us that she had worked with children who had developmental delays than any other.

I felt like Sabrina’s Story related to my family since it went the opposite way of her story. My cousin who is on the autism spectrum had started in a regular elementary school and had struggled with her classes and being around her classmates since it was to much going on at a time. After 3 to 5 years of waiting for her to be accepted into a Special Education school she was able to get the help she needed. Her parents were also able to receive help on how to help her be more social as a person while not overwhelming her with to much. After a few years they were able to finally grasp and handle her panic attacks with ease. my cousin’s family is a very guarded family they do not give out any more information that a person would need.

Below I have included a link that had gave me more information on what types of people fall into the special education spectrum and a photo.
My aunt the paraprofessional had shared a video on Facebook last week about a sensory classroom that is a town over from where I live.


One thought on “Blog Post #10 Sabrina’s Story

  1. I really liked the link you provided, it gives a lot of clear and accurate information. I also think it was good you connected it to your own families experience, because it is important for everyone to see just how many people are effected by a disability, and having a person like that in your family can help to prove that that child is still a child and that they should not be labeled and judged just on the basis of their learning disabilities.


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