Blog Post #9 Literacy with an Attitude

For this weeks reading I had decided to pick a few quotes from the article and say my thoughts on it. The two quotes that I ha8-70-11ve provided are short but are things that make a person feel better about themselves and help other around them also.

  1. “Children should feel that the teacher and other students care about them and find them significant (186).”
    • This personally I feel is an important piece since in actuality many people thrive on the praise that they receive from their teachers and peers. I personally felt that way on multiple occasions that I had needed the approval of others to show me how the ideas I had came up with were a good idea.
  2. “The second graders were beginning to learn that there are different ways of using language when they became language detectives and made observations about the principal’s use of language when he read the morning announcements over the intercom and when he was kidding around with an older student in the hall (187).”
    • Even though this is a minor part I personally believe that we should understand how people especially children learn the difference of tones and body languages very early on. But that is not the case for some children they may be oblivious of what is going on keep on doing whatever they may feel like doing at that moment.

I have found a link that shows and gives you advice on how to help your child pick up on body language and how to understand what certain actions may mean.


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #9 Literacy with an Attitude

  1. Really like your picture and totally agree with the body language portrayal. It goes underrated and often unrecognized but it is a good aspect to look out for when indulging in conversation with others or how others converse with you.


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