Blog Post #8 Becoming Something Different

While reading about Esme and her life in school it made me think about how some of us in our volunteer locations are in English as a Second Language classrooms (ESL). I am currently located in an ESL class and I sometimes forget that it is an ESL class because I do not think of it being that way. People who are in ESL classes or going to take them is something as people forget about because of where weimages live in the world and the nation language spoken is English. A lot of us assume many things and that is the downfall of our society and we do not realize it until later of how many people are in this type of program and how many do not receive any help and struggle through life in the United States this way. When writing this post up it had reminded me about a reading we had done on how a family had moved to America and was trying to learn English but at the same time trying to stay connected to their roots. I find that this is a big thing in the world that everyone faces is forgetting who you are and embracing what you think is the best option for you and your family.

Here is  a link to ta website on how to support ESL children in a mainstream classroom.


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