Blog Post #6 In Service of What

Growing up a service learning project I knew of was Americorp and the PeaceCorp. My aunt had served in the AmeriCorps and my fathers’ childhood best friends oldest sister served in the peace corps. My plan is similar to my aunt and family friend to finish college and do a term in the corps and then move on to what we want to do in life. Joining Americorps or peace corp is something that thousands of people’s join every year and hundreds of thousands of people have joined since it started in 1961 for the peace corps and AmeriCorps in 1994.  When we were told of our service learning project I immediately thought of the AmeriCorps and the peace corps since that is what they do. They travel the United States or they go to different parts of the world and help people in various different ways; education, healthcare, agriculture and community economic development. These areas are all important and they are all vital parts of the life because it makes up our life and what we need in our lives to make the world we live in survive.

These are the links to the Americorp and Peace Corp websites.

The two pictures below are the symbols of the Americorps and the  Peace Corps.


One thought on “Blog Post #6 In Service of What

  1. that’s really good you want to do that type of program. I think it is so crucial that these type of service learning programs are available to people. we need more individuals coming together to help people around the world, each person has the potential to help the world in some way and I think it is really good you are doing that.


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