Blog Post #7 The Problem We All Live With

While  I was listening to the two hours worth of podcasts and the hour long video I was wondering if the problems that they are mentioning will ever go away. When they had talked about combining the schools since one was shut down that had made me think about how my town is planning to shut down one of the eight elementary schools because of how the building is falling apart and is under preforming. The elementary school my town is debating on shutting down is either MacDonough Elementary or Spencer Elementary. I have personally never went to one of the meetings to debate on the topic but I know enough of the topic to understand what it going on. Even though many of you do not know of the schools I’m talking about since the schools are located just under two hours away. Another thing that happened in my town that reminded me of the podcast was when the parents were mad that the Black and Latino kids were coming into their majority white school. Five plus years ago the school district had to re-sort the schools because there started to be a trend of  how more than eighty percent of some schools were of the same or similar racial backgrounds either a type of African American, Spanish  or White. The parents were fine with the redistricting because of race if anything they were more annoyed about the fact that their child had to take a bus across town just so the school district can fit the standards the state has set.

Here is a link to more information on the Brown vs. Board case. And the picture below is also a political cartoon on the segregation of schools.



Blog Post #6 In Service of What

Growing up a service learning project I knew of was Americorp and the PeaceCorp. My aunt had served in the AmeriCorps and my fathers’ childhood best friends oldest sister served in the peace corps. My plan is similar to my aunt and family friend to finish college and do a term in the corps and then move on to what we want to do in life. Joining Americorps or peace corp is something that thousands of people’s join every year and hundreds of thousands of people have joined since it started in 1961 for the peace corps and AmeriCorps in 1994.  When we were told of our service learning project I immediately thought of the AmeriCorps and the peace corps since that is what they do. They travel the United States or they go to different parts of the world and help people in various different ways; education, healthcare, agriculture and community economic development. These areas are all important and they are all vital parts of the life because it makes up our life and what we need in our lives to make the world we live in survive.

These are the links to the Americorp and Peace Corp websites.

The two pictures below are the symbols of the Americorps and the  Peace Corps.

Blog Post #5 Unlearning the Myths that Bind US

Each and everyone of us falls into a stereotypical category that molds and shapes who we are. We see it in our everyday lives and live by them without even realizing it. An example of a stereotype that I fall into is that all Asians can’t drive and  I fit perfectly into that stereotype because I do not like to drive and I’m not that good at it. In the society we live in now we are able to notice how early our brains process stereotypes by the way we read and watch what we see on the television. In Linda Christensen’s article she mentions a book where they are able to tell how children are processing stereotypes by the age of three. That makes you start to think about what is the child reading, watching, listening and learning at that age to already stereotype people. All of it is due to the things that they are watching and seeing in their daily lives whether it is what do that is part of their daily routine or the Disney shows and movies that the parents might put on for them to entertain them for a bit. There are many effects of people who stereotype people and it can easily be overlooked without a second thought since people will not notice it since they are overlooked. We all are affected by stereotypes without even putting a thought to the idea and a lot of the times we do not care because we are so use to the idea of being stereotyped.