As a personal belief I think being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender should be introduced right away. I would not throw it at the students but I when I am introducing the topic to the class I would say sometimes people have two moms, two dads or one mom and one dad. Introducing to them that the “standard” couple, a man and a woman, isn’t always what couples look like. I personally feel that many people today do not care that people consider themselves for their sexual orientation.

Growing up I had known people who were part of the LGBT community and I had not thought anything of it since it was none of my business to know. On both sides of my family there is someone who is part of the LGBT community and yes it had shocked some of my family members when they had come out but had slowly started to accept it since they cannot do anything to change who that person is. In my friend groups both here at Rhode Island College and back home in Connecticut a lot of them identify in the LGBT lifestyle. The way our society is changing is very fast and no one knows the length certain people  may go to make people feel comfortable or uncomfortable.

Since we will all be teaching in a classroom where there will be LGBT children I have included a link to create a LGBT- inclusive school climate.


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