Post#3″Why Can’t She Remember That?”

While I was reading Terry Meier’s article it had made me look back at all the times I had read or was read a book in my whole life while I was at school. When  she had stated “Books are not meaningful to children who do not see themselves represented in them (p. 247).” I was able to relate to this because in my elementary school my fifth grade teacher did not do this and I remember this due to the fact that I was told that you should not saw ‘ew’ or ‘that is weird’ out loud when the teacher is reading to the class. The quote I had pulled from Meier’s article had made me remember this event because my classroom was mostly filled with people from African-American or a Spanish background while the story was of a small European child playing and learning about the other countries in the world. Another time the quote had made me remember a time where one of my teachers actually had looked for a book that the class can read that represent most of the class and that was actually helpful for some of the class since majority of the class had spoke Spanish or knew enough Spanish.

A part of her article I had found interesting was when she mentioned her sister had sent her three stuffed bears and a brown skinned doll to use for her story telling part of the class so that her students can have another visual to help grasp the story. This was the part of the article I had liked the most because she was able to give another was for her students to see, hear and learn from. The book that the bears and the dolls represent is called Leola and the Honeybears.

Below I have included the cover of the book Leola and the Honeybears and a link  about facing race in the classroom.



4 thoughts on “Post#3″Why Can’t She Remember That?”

  1. Yes i totally agree with your post. Bringing real life examples and items to make the story come alive can be so important when teaching children. Also being open to reading all different types of books that are multi-cultural can really help a child feel more connected and willing to learn!


  2. My favorite part of the article was also the part about the sister making the dolls. I think it was a very clever idea and helped bring the story to life. It also gave the students a different way of viewing the story and made reading fun!


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