Post #1 Thoughts on Amazing


While I was reading the first chapter of John Kozol’s book ‘Amazing Grace’ I had almost started crying because of what these families are facing because of where they live in the world. The first person, he introduced was a seven-year-old boy named Cliffie. Cliffie had taken Kozol on a tour of the neighborhood and said things and explained parts of the neighborhood. He pointed out how this building was to burn people and but when Kozol had asked the reverend when they got back to the church he asked what the building was really for and the reverend had told him that it is a waste disposal for 14 hospitals throughout New York City. This leads me to my next points are about hospitals and what their homes are like.

Hospitals in this chapter had made me realize that all hospitals or not the same and some run out of supplies faster than the others because of where they are located and how much money we have for supplies. An example from the book that has not shown how supplies were being used up quickly is the Harlem hospital. The fact that this hospital doesn’t have enough resources for all their patients is saddening to think about since if anyone one of us ever had an emergency we would be welcomed by maybe a few overworked nurses and doctors but there will always be another nurse or doctoring coming soon to relieve them of their duties.

The majority of the people who live in the south Bronx is struggling to make meets ends with an average income is $7,800 a year. The people who live in the south Bronx are almost forced here because they can’t afford to live anywhere else and the landlords know that so they use it to their advantage forcing people to live in small cramped areas with no heat in the winter where people can freeze to death and no cool air in the summer where the people can literally be boiled alive. Many people in this story are being screwed over and beaten down because who they are and where they live. I hope that in the future it can change but I know it will be a long time till then.

Here are some links to programs that help the adults and the youth of South Bronx.

Below is a video about the South Bronx view over history and a photo of the general map area of the South Bronx.



6 thoughts on “Post #1 Thoughts on Amazing

  1. I agree with your sentiments about the health care in the area. The descriptions of the “hospitals” sounded like something out of a comedic satire of what hospitals are actually like. My mouth literally dropped open when I read the part of the what time being up to two days. Two days! That’s actually inhumane for someone waiting for medical treatment. If the patient’s affliction is serious, like say a gunshot wound to a vital organ, then they’re likely to actually die while waiting for help. How these people muster the ability to wait that long for treatment of all things is astounding.

    In truth, before reading this chapter I never really understood people’s fears associated with hospitals, which just reflects my own stance of privilege in life. On the rare occasions that I have ever had to be admitted to a hospital, it has always ever been the exact opposite of what was described in Amazing Grace. A patient should never be forced to have to clean their own room let alone even arrive to a room that Mrs. Washington had to endure. This really makes me reexamine my unfair fortune in our society. Specifically I’m left pondering how much of my own personal privilege is attributed to my skin-color, socio-economic status, or location within Rhode Island. What’s jarring about this is I don’t know any stories of different people to compare myself to, so I really don’t know how fair or unfair my own state is to all of its citizens. It truly gives you perspective on things.


  2. Watching the video that you included on your blog gave me a more positive perspective on this article. A lot of times, people only look for the bad things in a situation, but what they don’t realize is that it takes something bad in order for something good to come out of it. For example, if there wasn’t poverty in this area, hundreds of groups of people would not have been brought together. Your blog reminding me of another article I read a few months ago. This article was about an organization known as Lava Mae. This group is located in California and works to bring showers on wheels to areas of high poverty. This allows the people that do not have access to clean, running water the chance to relax and feel the worth that they deserve. This is just another example of good that come come out of a bad situation, and your blog and video reminded me of this.


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